As a student of Gmyt Fashion Academy or Alumnus, we will provide you with all the necessary guidance you need to establish your brand. We do not only teach our students, we ensure they start their businesses before graduation and as such, we have provided every necessary guidance they need to succeed in business.
We hold free sessions from time to time, and we also promote their brands on all our platforms on social media weekly, and during our Gahaward they get free tickets and are also free to showcase their brands on the runway for free for life , After which they also get our prestigious award E.g Most dedicated student of the year , Most enterprising student of the year

We have 7 En-suite fully air conditioned class rooms with smart TV to inspire the students. Students learn with a suitable white marker board and also have enough sewing machines to work with and each with a comfortable seats. The modern convenience is not left out.

We offer internship to our students over the years because of its great importance, This is to make sure our students get the best within the period they are with us.
They get two extra month for free to run their internship with us, so that they can be more grounded with the skill we have impacted in them before they leave.

As for job placement, We also employ them when they graduate, we have sent countless job offers in our alumnus group where companies reach out that they want our alumnus to join their team, now it is easier for our graduands to get these jobs because we are a reputable institution and companies actually reach out to us often seeking to work with our alumnus
So it’s very easy to get jobs knowing they are alumnus of this school even when they go apply in any organization

In the quest to train and make more people independent, we understand times are hard hence the decision to make more passionate aspiring fashion designer join our prestigious school, we have structured the following payment plain for our prospective students
*100% (one time payment)
*50% 50%(2 installments)
*50% 25% 25%(3 Installments)
Within the space of 3 months and the good news is our fees are very much affordable

In our online learning mode , we have customized over 120 hrs free documented self thought videos in pattern drafting and illustrations, this has helped not only our distance learning students achieve their dreams of becoming fashion entrepreneurs but also engage our executive students who cannot come to school every day for their classes because of their busy schedule, our full time students are not left out as they also have access to these videos at no cost, we also engage all students via our online platforms where we manage them at their own pace, hence students can actually learn and get same results

In our Offline learning mode , We also have a suitable learning plan for any student. Our students learn in a well conducive and comfortable environment, With experienced and well detailed instructors at their disposal, the students are been taught on pattern drafting and manual illustration with the aid of well guided materials been used for their practical sessions. This is to enable all students get quality information and adequate education about our fashion design programme, at Gmyt fashion academy we acknowledge our students comes first so we are here to serve

Because our students make a lot of research coupled with the constant updated lecture videos that we send, we had to provide a better alternative to totally cut down the cost of data they use to zero.

Supervision is done under the CEO/MD, HEAD OF SCHOOL, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT AND THE PROJECT MANAGER AND QUALIFIED CLASS FACILITATORS note that a student must cover minimum 75% of their curriculum before they are eligible for graduation and certification

As a way of promoting a healthy competition amongst our students and further advancing their creativity skills, we give award recognition to our students under the category of the most outstanding project of the month accompanied with an additional free 2 months.
We don’t just stop there, our winners will grace the runway during the Gahaward event where the overall outstanding student will be selected, and will be offered a cash prize for start up.
We also have other categories of awards bestowed on our students during the Gmyt African Humanitarian Award and Fashion Show.
These set of awards are:
1. Most dedicated student of the year
2. Most enterprising student of the year
3. Best graduating student of the year
4. Most creative student of the year
5. Most industrious student of the year
6. Excellent student’s effort
7. Outstanding improvements
8. Star student of the year
9. Best dressed female student of the year
10. Best dressed female student of the year

Our alumni are not left out in this as well. Due to our constant follow up on our alumni, we are able to spotlight the most outstanding alumni for award nomination.

Asides the free text books , Our students also get free starter kits from our customized branded school bags to their fabrics, drafting papers, French curves,scissors,zips,needles, sets of metal rulers, drape pin sets sim reapers, tracing wheel, tape measure, threads and more, this is just to ease them of the stress of going to the market and also saving them cost, not to mention them getting familiar with their practical tools and the best is that it is totally free for all students

Students can choose from duration favorable to them: Aquamarine (3 months), Pearl (6 Months). Sapphire (9 Months) and Zircon (12 Months). We run a regular and part time program, as well as online and offline programs.

Over the the years our boards of directors have sponsored and given out over 300 free electrical machines both industrial/domestic machines through Gmyt Foundation INITIATIVES.
At one time payment each student is given his/her machine to take home during Gmyt Fashion Academy Induction Ceremony, This will better enhance the students with their projects, entrepreneurship skills and capabilities in executing the desired positive result in becoming a fashion designer , while learning in our fashion school.

We are proud to introduce our flexible programme Because of the kind of students we attract and its divided into 2 categories. 1. full time student…. these sets of students come to school Mondays to Fridays from 9 am – 3 pm in two batches . while we also engage them online……2.Executives/ weekend students ….these sets of students are engaged online during the week cause of their busy schedule as most of them run a 9-5 job and they come as full time on saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm the good news is that they can also pop in for a week day lecture at no extra cost at their free time and over the years we have put amazing structures in place to manage them better regardless of their distance, busy schedule nor pace, finally all students are entitled to freeze their account for up to 2 diff times at no extra cost within the year they registered. isn’t that amazing? am sure its safe to say indeed our student comes first when making decisions or putting structures in place so that they get value for their money.

Gmyt Fashion Academy is fully equipped with healthy modern infrastructures to ensure a calm, peaceful, untroubled and tranquil environment for learning.

You would have the opportunity to join our large community of Alumni in sharing the resources given to them by the academy. We offer free sessions for our Alumni to further equip them to emerge higher than their contemporaries. The school also promote your brands so that they can have wide range of exposure and so many other benefits

Gmyt fashion academy is aimed at equipping her students with the requisite skills to create, design and confidently present their products and ideas. The following are the highlights of our program:

• Our students will go through supportive process of creating their outfits and collections using proven techniques.
• Practical group discussions/exercises.
• Group coaching session on each project. Students will do their showcase and get feedback from facilitators.
• Individual practical session, assessment and feedback session.
• Performance report for each student, including. Recommendations for continual development.
• Individual project.

Here we bring in consultants, top entrepreneurs that have succeeded to lecture and motivate our students, during this session; everyone can bring in questions and suggestions and we treat them openly.

Gmyt Fashion Academy cares for the security of the students, that is why we have put in place a standard security equipment to ensure 24/7 maximum security within and outside the premise.

As part of our initiative for our students settle in and follow up with classes once they register, they get free textbooks of all our courses.

Pattern textbook:
Our comprehensive pattern drafting textbook teaches a step-by-step guide on pattern drafting using our curriculum and is written to equip students with the knowledge and ability to make hundreds of outfits.

Manual Illustration textbook:
This book makes students to thoroughly understand every rudiment about fashion illustration and teaches our students how to become a professional fashion illustrator.

Croqui book:
Our Croqui book brings out the creativity of our students by putting their illustrations to work. Our students are also able to bring their imaginations to life with our customized templates, hence we are proud to say that they become designers before they graduate from the academy.

Measurement book:
We have a standardized measurement of different outfits and body type. This makes it easy for our students to easy get record of the various measurements they will be learning in class


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