The unforgettable Nigeria Achievers Awards 2018 was one night of grandeur, glitz and greatness. The Director of GMYT FASHION ACADEMY – MRS. PRINCESS KELECHI OGHENE made heads turn towards her gorgeousness. She not only griped the attendees with her stunning black dress and allure, she also won a prestigious award for MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN ACHIEVER OF THE YEAR 2018. Without putting a shy on the expression, MRS. PRINCESS KELECHI OGHENE is truly deserving of more accolades because of her superlative benefaction to the society; to women and girls most indispensably.
All her life, she has been a life-raiser, life-supporter and a great influencer. Her praises has been sung and is still been sang on the lips of a throng of people.
Right now, she has embarked on training 50 women/girls for 3 Months in the Spirit of Easter. This initiation is etched under the bolt of GMYT FOUNDATION; a foundation that was Founded by she herself. Through this Foundation, many women have been trained for free and have long ago started their own business.
MRS. PRINCESS KELECHI OGHENE is truly an icon so worthy imitation.

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