GMYT Fashion Academy: Showcasing At The Green October Event

GMYT Fashion academy is highly reputable and committed to creating the Next Generation of Female Fashion Entrepreneurs in Nigeria. We teach the two types of fashion designing with all professionalism, namely Free hand and Pattern Drafting. Furthermore, we also teach Manual Fashion Illustration and the advanced part of it, which is Digital Fashion Illustration, Art and crafts, beading and other side skills that you can think of. Our graduands become virtuosi after their completion in the academy.

Part and parcel of what we teach also is the business management aspect of fashion to ensure that our graduates become properly rounded entrepreneurs. After extensive training, our students are automatically transformed into top class entrepreneurs. Then we give them visibility as well, so that they are assisted in building their own brands and fashion labels.

Vision: We aim to be the most prestigious fashion academy in Africa and among the top 10 in the world

Mission: GMYT Fashion academy is creating a platform that will transform our clients/students into fashion entrepreneurs of the future.

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