GMYT Fashion Academy, one of Nigeria’s truly international standard fashion institutes, has produced It’s second batch of top skilled fashion designers and entrepreneurs. On 10thDecember, they will be graduating in a grand ball event organized by GMYT FASHION ACDEMY with a fashion expo at the Oriental Hotels Lagos.

The economic future of Nigeria lies in the ability of the private sector to recreate it’s narratives despite challenges unsolved by the public sector, and find ways of advancing enterprise and commerce in a global terrain that is constantly evolving. One of the most promising organizations that is playing a powerful role in this regard, is the GMYT Fashion Academy.

Founded upon the highest  cosmopolitan benchmarks with innovative curriculum management system, suited for the time and resource constraints of the working Nigerian woman, GMYT Fashion Academy teaches two  aspects of fashion design known as Patterned and free hand fashion design. GMYT Fashion Academy  graduates are proficient both in free hand and pattern design as well as illustration. The academy also teach the business management aspect of fashion to ensure that graduates become properly rounded entrepreneurs.

According to the proprietress, Princess Kelechi Oghene, GMYT FASHION ACADEMY will on Saturday, 10th December, send its second batch of graduates into the enterprise market. She said: “We do not send them into the job market because we do not produce job seekers, rather we produce well rounded entrepreneurs who are already making serious money while still in under our training! At GMYT Fashion Academy, we produce job creators and fashion enterprise trend setters. We produce game changers who redefine the progress of the fashion industry in Nigeria, in line with global standards”

It will be recalled that tuition at GMYT Fashion Academy is in the same range with that of the best fashion schools abroad and runs into six figures in naira. Thus the school tends to have mostly the high net worth individuals coming to enroll. However, the GMYT Foundation was created to raise funds and offer scholarships to less privileged students as well so that the contributions of the school will be spread across the economic strata of the Nigerian society. The proprietor explained: “It costs over a million naira to train our students. At GMYT, we have every equipments obtainable in the world’s best fashion academies. We have the best skilled teachers and resource persons. These ones have to be paid. The lecture materials are e-books, purchased from the world’s best fashion academies and we have generators running round the clock to power the school equipments  and even air-conditioners. Maintaining this standard costs a lot of money. So we take those who can pay for it, but through the GMYT Foundation, we also give scholarships to those who are less privileged to enable us impact the society more profoundly”
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