At the conclusion of their Studies, our Students are celebrated at national level for their relentless effort and dedication throughout their period with us. This event we poised at creating avenue for networking with several prospective Clients and other dignitaries.  

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9TH induction ceremony

Our Students are introduced to the rudiments, policies, guidelines and other  information which will of no doubt benefit them throughout their learning period with us at GMYT Fashion Academy. We believe with the introduction, they will have an itch-free training experience.




Haute couture means “fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.


The Gmyt Fashion Academy is actively in collaboration with the EDU, Pan Atlantic University with the zeal of equipping her students in not only fashion but also business ideology.

student's benefit

As a way of empowering our dear students, we give out industrial machines to our students. So far we have given over 300 industrial machines to our students which is an accumulated sum of N24,000,000 Naira worth

    • Pattern Drafting & Grading
    • Cutting Techniques
    • Clothing Construction
    • Interpretation of Style
    • Draping
    • Avant-garde
    • Professional sewing skill
    • Men’s wear
    • Women’s Wear
    • Children’s Wear
    • Ready to wear
    • Bridal Wear
    • Streetwear
    • Sport wear
    • Swim wear
    • Lingerie wear 
    • Uniform Wear
    • Formal Wears
    • Business Casual Wear  
reasons to study in gmyt
We make use of industrial sewing machines; we have a stand by generator set to ensure that there is constant power supply and a fully air-conditioned classroom and WI-FI which ensures a proper learning environment.  We provide enough space to work, without being cluttered and packed. We also provide high backed, expensive chairs so students can be comfortable while sewing

The Fashion Instructors interact with the students’ one on one, they work according to the pace of the student. 

Gmyt Fashion Academy is fully equipped with healthy/modern infrastructures to ensure a calm, peaceful, untroubled and tranquil environment for learning.

Students can choose from duration favorable to them; Aquamarine (3 months), Pearl (6 Months), Sapphire (9 Months) and Zircon (12 Months) Morning, Afternoon and Evening Class, And Weekend class for our working students. All days will count and be recorded in accordance with the duration subscribed to and we have made flexible tuition payments in such a way that, a student can pay up to 4 installments before graduation. (Illustration 3 months) (Beading & Stoning 3 Months).

A certificate is issued in full fulfillment to completion of the curriculum; course work, practical, assignments which are done under supervision by the director and instructors.  This certificate is recognized worldwide. An award plaque is issued to the outstanding students as well as an industrial sewing machine.

We have great instances students who did a fashion course with us and already produce great outfits and own their own fashion label.

Because we are one big family at the Gmyt Fashion Academy, every holiday and birthday events is celebrated with the students. Every student is cherished and every sweet memory is captured

Gmyt Fashion Academy has provided a hostel accommodation equipped with modern infrastructures to ensure the comfort of our students

Gmyt Fashion Academy cares and will cater for the security of our students, that is why we have put in place, up to standard security equipment to ensure 24/7 maximum security within the premise

Where we bring in consultants, top entrepreneurs that have succeeded to motivate students, and other lectures, everyone can bring in questions and suggestions and we treat them openly

 Gmyt Fashion Academy has a standard factory, where students are allowed to carry out their internship program at GMYT Fashion academy before graduation. This is to educate them further on how to do a perfect finishing on a fabric as well as master the skill and business of fashion designing.

Certified Graduates from the Fashion Academy are offered job placement at the company.

    • Fashion Lookbook
    • Fashion Moodboard
    • Colour Sequencing
    • How to put together a
      fashion collection
    • Body Shape
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Fashion Untamed

Draping Project

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We present to you  GMYT FASHION ACADEMY 360 degree view!
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our alumni

GMYT FASHION ACADEMY is by far the leading fashion academy in the whole of West Africa and this is especially perceived through the category of Alumni we have graduated over the years. All are Alumni are treading the paths of success already, started their businesses and are doing tremendously well in the Fashion industry. Some of them have won awards for their distinctiveness in business while some now own Fashion Academies where they also lead the Psalter of training other women; thus following the footprints we set for them.

Our entire Alumni still remains part and parcel of the GMYT FAMILY OF FAME even after graduation. We involve them in all our events, fashion shows and functions.  At these events, they are honored with awards, given the opportunity to showcase their amazing collections on the runway and also given ample chance to network with potential guests. Below are some of our Alumni; doing well in business:

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  • Tuesday      9am–5pm
  • Wednesday  9am–5pm
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