Ongoing Registration for New Session September



RESUMPTION AND CLOSING TIME-Classes resume at 9:00am and closes by 3:00pm. Students are not allowed into the class before 9:00am and must vacate the school once its 3:00pm, and when the instructor is done.

OWNERSHIP- The school reserves the right to all alumni/present school images, projects, materials for
promotion and also others as applicable. Therefore, students are not allowed to make personal services except
assignments and projects.

FEES- Six months to one year fees are subject to installments. While three months fees are to be paid at once.
Note that all fees paid to the school are non-refundable.

COURSE FORM- All course forms must be filled including two passports, one portrait photographs in soft and hard copy and must be submitted before resumption.

NON-COMMENCEMENT OR NON-COMPLETION OF COURSE- If a student fails to complete the course,
no refund or reduction of fees will be given to him/her. Also, the number of hours must be completed by each
student before practical’s and exams can be taken.

ABSENTEES-Courses are continuous except for termination or vacation on given dates which must be
approved by the Director. In cases of illness, the days/weeks/months missed will be refunded upon tendering
doctor’s report.

ORDER OF PERMISSION- Students must write a letter in their logbooks addressing it to the Director and
stating urgent reasons why they will miss classes and why the Director should grant them permission.

BREAK PERIOD- Solid foods isn’t allowed in the class only light snacks is permitted in class.
NANNIES: Nannies are not allowed in the school. However, Students with babies from 0-1year can be allowed so far they can take of them without disturbing other students and class activities.

EQUIPMENTS- The school provides the students with all necessary sewing kits. The school will not accept responsibility for stolen kits and personal properties belonging to any students.

DISCIPLINE- The management of the academy reserves the right to suspend, expel, dismiss students without notice, should the student give sufficient cause. In such case, the management’s decision will be final and no refund of fees will be made.

SYLLABUS- Non-completion of the program’s syllabus by any student means the student will not be allowed to take final examination. Any student who does not complete the syllabus will have to complete it on extra cost.

LOGBOOKS- All students are expected to sign in all their daily activities in their logbooks and ensure that their instructors sign on it. Failure to do this will result in suspension.

STUDENTS- must not raise their voices on any of the staffs as they carry out instructions given by the Director.

SMOKING- is prohibited in the school premises.

CLASSES- Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays are for pattern classes only. While Wednesdays and Thursdays are for Illustration. Therefore, students are not allowed to sew on Illustration. It is very important that WEEKEND STUDENTS (part-time students) are not allowed to attend weekday classes. Also, weekday students (full-time students) are not allowed to attend weekend classes.

CHANGE OF DURATION- Alteration on duration of programs cost 50k.

LOSS OF ID CARD- Reissuing of the school ID card if lost cost 10k.

MEETING- The Director will not always be present during the students’ meeting. Meeting with the students will be occasionally when the need arises

TEST AND EXAM- All student must participate in all tests, exams, collections and projects. Else, they will be suspended or even expelled if the need arises.

CUT OFF MARK: All students are expected to meet up with the cut-off mark of 70% as a criterion for graduation. Failure to meet up with the set cut-off mark will result to such a student repeating the course at an extra cost.

TESTIMONIALS- All student must give testimonials within three months into the program.

TUITION- All installment fees must be paid on the agreed date, and must be paid within 3 months.

PANDEMIC- The school will not bear the loss due to any disaster or outbreak

PROMOTION- Pictures of all students’ class activities are often taken for promotional use. No student must grief against anyone taking pictures of them as it aids the promotion of the academy.

DAMAGES & LOSS- In the case of loss or damage of school property(ies) by a student, other students of the same department are expected to report the case immediately to the school management and identify the culprit. Failure to do this, it will be enforced on every student in that class or department to bear the cost. Also, lectures will be suspended until the damage or loss is fixed or replaced. Furthermore, you shall take full responsibility of any damage caused by you and fix same immediately.

SHOWCASE-Any student that does not showcase a collection on the runway will not be entitled to a certificate. You are also expected to tag the school on social media on every of the project you showcased in school.

PROJECTS-Every student must participate in all group projects. All students must submit their projects.

RIGHT TO STUDENT PROJECTS-Every group projects done by students is a property of the school.

else student will be asked to withdraw. Note that your tuition fee is not transferable to another person after their logbooks have been marked.

BRAND PROMOTION- The school reserves the right to use all class projects done in school as a student.

REGISTRATION- Students must submit 2 passports, photocopies of signed policies and personal details with in the maximum of 2 weeks as failure to provide the above listed items will lead to the student forfeiting his/her admission. All students abide by all laid down rules and regulations. alumni for promotion of the school.

BATCHES-The school has the right to divide the students into batches in the case of any pandemic. This is to ensure that everyone is safe.

DEFERMENTS-All students are entitled to one deferment of not more than 3 months accompanied with a proof and a tangible reason to be away and they must graduate the same year they registered.

GRADUATION/CERTIFICATION- Two Months Internship with the Academy, collections,
Clearances (No outstanding debts, attendance in all courses must not be less than 75%, no damages on
school property, no property of school in possession) and all graduating students are to present three or
more mannequins to the school in union.

INTERNSHIP: Internship is compulsory for all student.

DISCIPLINE-Any student that does not participate in any other project will not be allowed in class until such student submit double of the assigned project to the school.

STORAGE-Each student must submit a Hard-drive of 500GB within 2 weeks of registration. This is where every information of the student will be stored and documented.

ATTENDANCE-All students must ensure to sign in and sign out at the security post. Also, they should sign their logbooks and attendance with instructors.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP SESSION-During any entrepreneurship session, all students must be seated before the facilitator walks in. Any student that comes in after the facilitator will not be allowed into session.

RESERVATION-No student should reserve seats by keeping their bags on a machine/seat before any class commences. .

EVENTS-Every events organized by the school is compulsory for all students to attend as part of the school’s project.

TESTIMONIALS-All students must write testimonials and grant interviews conducted by or for the school.

FABRIC WEEK- Any student that doesn’t partake of any fabric week will create two different outfits unassisted; and the styles of the outfits will be given by the HOD. Also, such a student will have to get a Model, go to a studio, take professional pictures of the two projects and submit it to the school in a 32GIG flash.

LOSS OF LOG BOOK-Any student without logbook will not be allowed in class and no instructor will attend him/her.

UNIFORM-All students must wear the GMYT T-Shirts on Fridays. Any student that does not wear the
T-Shirt will not be allowed in class and no instructor will attend to him/her.

IDENTITY CARD-Student must always wear their ID Cards. Any student that goes contrary to this will not be allowed in the school and can be suspended unless it’s not ready and given consent.

VISITOR: Student are not allowed to entertain guest(s) or visitor(s) in front and inside the Academy.

ELECTRONICS: Electronics with high power consumption are not allowed in the Academy.

MD’s REMARK: All students are expected to submit their log book to the MD after every month for signing and remarks.

EXTRA CURRICULA ACTIVITIES: Student are to note that extra curricula activities attracts extra fees. This fee shall not be compulsory but optional for student interested students only.

UNIFORMITY: You are expected to purchase all kit(s) in school so as to encourage uniformity of materials/tools. Kindly note that kit purchased outside the school shall not be accepted.