What is style? Style comes from within, style is the totality of your looks, how you talk, how you walk or move your body, eat, or do anything infact.  Altogether, it’s how we express our inner self including all our thoughts, emotions, interests and value, making everything on the outside a reflection of what’s on the inside.

Style is an independent form of fashion telling a story about an individual, its usually different for everyone, more like a fingerprint, for some people their style is wrapped around their whole existence, some devote their time to it, others invest into it, some care a little while some don’t even care at all, style is diverse, it can change at intervals, it can swing with time, fashion trend, age and even mood. Sometimes, you can spend hours prepping and priming adjusting your shades of lipstick until you find the one that sits perfectly, other days, you want to slip on a shift dress and flats with a sunny outlook on the world, no matter what your style is each day; retro, chic, even goth, do you!

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